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Cool racing game. I liked that you gave players a selection of racecraft to choose from (although I wasn't experienced enough to get good use out of the latter two). I also love it when you can control your craft in the menu screens, which is great for getting used to the controls in a low stakes environment and just messing around. 

The collider on the racers felt like it may have been better served as a circle—there were times that I wanted to turn around when I was next to a wall, but the wall was blocking me in an unintuitive way, and I had to back up to turn around. 

I also found the lap number indicator a bit confusing, as I expected it to show me the lap that I was currently on (1 for the first lap) instead of the number of laps that I had finished (0 for the first lap).

Whilst the controls take a while to learn, I can see this as a fun little party game. No bugs/errors detected!

Things that can be improved/added: Exit button on the tutorial, Randomizer options for choosing races, Timeless mode for racing, Adding sounds.