A downloadable game

To Play: each player uses a 4 key layout from the following available layouts:

wasd, ijkl, Arrow Keys, 8456(numpad)

When you accelerate without turning you gain more speed!

When you turn without accelerating you turn tighter!

Install instructions

Open and unzip the package.  Then run the executable.


GatewayGallivant Build 8.5 Windows.zip 20 MB


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Cool racing game. I liked that you gave players a selection of racecraft to choose from (although I wasn't experienced enough to get good use out of the latter two). I also love it when you can control your craft in the menu screens, which is great for getting used to the controls in a low stakes environment and just messing around. 

The collider on the racers felt like it may have been better served as a circle—there were times that I wanted to turn around when I was next to a wall, but the wall was blocking me in an unintuitive way, and I had to back up to turn around. 

I also found the lap number indicator a bit confusing, as I expected it to show me the lap that I was currently on (1 for the first lap) instead of the number of laps that I had finished (0 for the first lap).

Whilst the controls take a while to learn, I can see this as a fun little party game. No bugs/errors detected!

Things that can be improved/added: Exit button on the tutorial, Randomizer options for choosing races, Timeless mode for racing, Adding sounds.